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Other Projects 

Blandings Turtles Heads Start Project – Medford, MA
The Foundation worked with Ms. Jodie Driscoll (a Biology Teacher at Medford High School) and her students along with the Grassroots Wildlife Conservation Program of Concord, MA to continue a program designed to headstart Blandings Turtles, a threatened species, for purposes of education in the classroom and help repopulate the species into their natural habitats.  The Blanding's turtle, Emydoidea blandingii, ranks near the top of the most threatened species of turtles in the northeastern United States.  Turtles grown in the classroom were then released to the Assabet Valley Wildlife Refuge and Oxbow Wildlife Refuge. 
The Huneebee Project - New Haven, CT


Restore Nature supported The Huneebee Project in reaching its $20,000 fundraising goal by means of a cash donation during the Great Give Event.  Huneebee is a 501(c)(3) non-profit social enterprise located in New Haven, CT that promotes transferable job-skill building for youths with past or present child protective or foster care involvement through an introduction to and work in beekeeping.  The Huneebee Project believes beekeeping can be a therapeutic practice -- one that requires awareness of body in time and space, use of regulation strategies to maintain a calm presence in the midst of an open bee hive, and open, honest discussions about fear, loss, courage, and hope.  Huneebee promotes a shared recognition of connection to nature as one that can be achieved by lighting a beeswax candle, adding raw honey to a cup of tea, or planting a small, pollinator-friendly green space.  The Huneebee Project currently runs 11 hives and three pollinator gardens in New Haven-area community gardens and sells some of its products through an online store.  
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